SMO Interview Questions And Answers

smo interview questions and answers

Social media optimization is known for getting traffic from social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Reddit and many more. Everyone knows why social media is important for us because billions of people are still using it when you are reading this content.

We are already cognizant that SMO is an aspect of digital marketing. and we learn it while the training of internet marketing. When we go to interview for SMO or digital marketing then every interviewer definitely asks the SMO interview question. So You have to prepare for it if you crave to get a job in a well-reputed organization.

List of most asked SMO interview questions and answers

Read the question carefully because every question is important for your interview.

SMO Interview Questions And Answers

Que 1 ) What is SMO?

Ans. Social Media optimization: Technique of Internet Marketing where your online presence is build using the power of social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn Twitter, etc.

Que 2 ) What are activities you going to perform for SMO

Ans: Starting with understanding client goals then make a strategy so that we can focus on the target audience. Now Start making a Network on Social Networking Sites

Que 3 ) What are your favorite Social Media Sites?

Ans. Some of MY Favourite social media sites are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, Orkut

Que 4 ) You Can be Treated as or How you tube is used for SMO?

Ans. Video Submission that is submitting the video you want to share

Que 5 ) Does SMO has any impact on the ranking of websites on Search Engine?

Ans. No SMO can help with getting traffic on your sites but that traffic does not come from search engines that traffic is from your Social Network.

Que 6) How much time will you invest in getting traffic from the social site?

Ans. It does not depend on how much time invested in the social site. It depends on Your content, If your contents have a unique specialty to shareable then definitely it will give more and more social traffic.

Que 7) what use of #tag while posting content on social sites?

Ans. Mainly #tags denote as a specific keyword. It is a sign of what your content is about. Let take an example if someone search on twitter saves the water. If your posted contents have #savethewater tags then your content will appear.

Que 8 ) What is RSS feed and it’s benefiting?

Ans. RSS stands for Rich Site Summary. it is an XML file

Benefits of RSS feed: You would have noticed a (red or orange logo) when You visit a website. When you click on that button then that gives you the latest content via email. You don’t need to go and check for the latest content on that website. A news site, a Sports site, blog site are using RSS feed for own website.

Que 9 ) What are the best way to post on twitter?

Ans. 1.Using not more than 2 # tags every tweet.
2. Keep in mind the post which are you going to post on twitter should be not more than 100 characters.

Que 10 ) How can we enhance Facebook reach?

Ans. Here some of the most important tips by which you can enhance your facebook reach
1. Avoid third-party tools which claim we will help you to boost up facebook reach
2. Use some ads to branding
3. Try to improve your Facebook Edgerank
4. Regular Posting

Try to solve the SMO interview questions and answers Yourself.

  • Que. What is your biggest achievement in SMM?
  • Que. When did you get into Social Media Marketing?
  • Que. What is oldest your SMO Profile?
  • Que. Share your SMO work plan for a New Projects?
  • Que. How do you learn Social Media Stuff?
  • Que. Why do you think the Company should use Social Media
  • Que, How much you comfortable with writing for SMO?
  • Que. Would you have experience in Buying Social Media Profiles?
SMO Interview Questions And Answers

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