5 Smart Ideas To Design Your Website More SEO Friendly

seo for web design

You would have heard a quote that the “first impression is the last impression” and this quote is definitely correct. If you don’t customize your website according to the user as well as a search engine then you could miss the opportunity to get lead, traffic, and sale. Great web design helps to ahead from your competitor in the online world. Your website designing is the identity of your brand. A good site structure tells everything to your audience whether it is your product or service. Once your audience connects with your site structure then undoubtedly they will connect emotionally and encourage taking decisions fastly. So this is essential to know the basic as well as advance fundamentals of SEO for Web Design.

How to create an SEO friendly website design structure?

We have been put all aspects to create an astounding website structure. You have just away from 5 tips of SEO for web design to enhance your conversion rate as well as a visibility search engine result.

Inhibit the pages that you don’t want to index
Keep in Mind your site Navigation should be Search engine friendly
Avoid flash content
URL must be SEO Friendly
Optimize images and content for a more conventional speed


  1. Inhibit the pages that you don’t want to index

This is required to block that pages which you don’t want to index by a search engine. The reason can be that your website has some page which is totally unusable or you are testing on some page then you want to inhibit from indexing by the robot.txt.

Robot.txt is a way to prevent pages from indexing in which you add some web pages in your webroot of the robot.txt folder.

By doing this you can prevent those pages from showing up on SERP and then the search engine will not give you negative feedback.  If you don’t implement then your ranking may be affected and indirectly your website impression will be for the user as well as a search engine.

  1. Keep in Mind your site Navigation should be Search engine friendly

This is not a simplistic task for a web designer to give great site navigation for every page. Giving great navigation for the search engine enhances your site performance on the SERP. Without navigation, a search engine crawler can skip the crawler of some pages. So every web designer should be taken additional time to maintain site navigation. So do SEO for Web Design for your website. Undoubtedly it will give a better result.

  1. Avoid flash content

A report in which found those websites who still using flash content have been disappeared from the SERP.  Flash is accomplished unreadable for all search engines .using flash content can harm your ranking and SEO strategy. So avoid it completely, you can use it, it’s an alternative like HTML. Which help you to boost your SEO tactics and increasing visibility on search engine result. Before doing SEO for web designing remember this aspect of flash. Your one decision can go your website down from your all competitors.

  1. URL must be SEO Friendly

An SEO friendly URL should be a focus on your main keyword. Crawler also read your website URL. So the URL should be short and well-focused on your targeted keyword. Let us take an example to understand clearly.

Consider your main keyword is “SEO friendly website design tips” then without adding a helping verb it comes the same as it.




  1. Optimize images and content for a more conventional speed

Making a website with great loading speed in mobile and desktop enhances your site visibility on SERP. This is also not easy for a web designer to make a good website loading speed. There is much software that has come in the market by using them we can enhance our website speed, particularly on mobile. The search engine is proclaimed, your website speed should work properly in mobile phones. Once you maintained you make your website mobile-friendly by optimizing images and content, unquestionably you will give amazing experience for the mobile user and indirectly your website will take a high position on SERP.

Some websites are available where you check your website speed and those tools suggest you how to fix your page speed. Here is a website “PageSpeed Insights” where you can analyze your site speed.

5 Smart Ideas To Design Your Website More SEO Friendly

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