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The website Design field has bright scope in today’s world. Every company needs to have a website to have an online presence. So this increased demand for Website Designer who has the responsibility of designing a website, Graphic Design, Dynamic Website as per basis on Clients needs and requirement. So it is a creative job and the person who is seeking a job in this field needs to have knowledge of these questions and have the ability to develop a website. Website Designer is completely responsible for To be fully responsible for the layout, visual appearance and usability of the company website, ensuring that brand continuity is maintained.

Mostly Asked Web Designer Interview Questions

Que 1) what is W3C Compliance of Website

Que 2) what is the difference between Html and Xhtml

Que 3) what is the difference between Static and Dynamic Website

Que 4) What web standards and guidelines do you follow for designing web sites?

Que 5) How comfortable are you in writing hand-coded HTML?
Que 6) What is the difference between DIV and SPAN tags?
Que 7) Explain: padding/margin, display: none and visibility: hidden, stacked layers (positioning, z-indexing), floating objects
Que 8) How do you handle transparency in web-page elements
Que 9) What is the difference between vector graphics and raster images. How would you choose filetypes for publishing on the web?

Que10 ) How do you show some dynamic text in a DIV? Showing layers, popup controls?
Que11) How do you disable form submission when a validation error occurs?
Que12) Is there any javascript library that you have used?
Que13) Do you have any experience in XML and in XSL transformations?

Que 14) Do you Love to Work Alone or in Teams?

Que15) Tell us a few of your favorite website designing Software and Tools

Que16) Show us your Website Designing Portfolio

Que 17) What are a few personal web projects you’ve got going on?

Que 18) You are Comfortable with Upload and Downloading of Website?

Que 19) What’s your greatest strength? Weakness?

Que 20) Tell us few websites that has premium template website design on them

Que 21) What is MLM Website? How you Design MLM Websites for a client?

Que 22) Is it possible to design a website that has both and Php programming use in it.

Que 23) What are iframes pages?

Que 24) Designed a website on which the user has the ability to change the size of the content?

Que 25) Website Redirection is related to Website Design or related to SEO of your Website?

Que 26) What is difference between eCommerce Website and eCommerce Website Design?

Que 27) What is CSS and how we use it for designing a website?