Top 5 Best Free SEO Tool To Increase Your Traffic

5 best free seo tool

There so many best free SEO tools available in the market by which you can use to enhance your website traffic. You don’t have to pay anything to use these tools. These tools are free of cost and have various aspects of SEO strategy that you can implement on your website. You can do SEO audit of your website, find the broken links, Keyword and content ideas backlinks and many more.

Even there are some all-in-one SEO tools that help to completely SEO audit for your website. So don’t go for paid tools if we have already free SEO tools to increase your website traffic.

Here is the list of Top 5 Best Free SEO Tools

Millions of people are using it to improve own website performance and even getting a better result to own clients. whether if you are running an SEO agency or you are a digital marketing trainer. These tools are beneficial to everyone


We are all aware of how search engines crawl to our website and show the result on SERP. Beamusup is also similar in comparison crawling to our website, but it is a little bit different from it. It crawls your website and shows you what are the major factor which is affecting your website. By crawling your website it gives your website meta, title, Redirection broken links and many more to solve these errors.

Feature of Beamusup

  • Duplicate content: By crawling your website it gives your all data of duplicate content on  your website
  • Finding  Error:  Beam us up is one of the best SEO technical tools that can easily find your website error like soft 404 and 404 errors.

As the name indicates the keyword tool means you are going to find particularly a keyword. It delivers you keyword ideas of google, youtube, bing, amazon, eBay, Instagram, Twitter and many more. Well, particularly it is used in the SEO field to find the relevant keyword for your product and service. It is just the opposite of the keyword planner. In the keyword planner, you find the keyword for ads but in case of it just for SEO (Search engine optimization). so we would like to recommend the to keyword research.


This tool is developed by Neil Patel for the SEO perspective. It is also listed in the best free SEO tools. Many people are using it because of its amazing features and giving better result to every use at just free of cost.

Ubersuggest is count in all-in-one SEO tools in which you can analyze everything about the SEO from keyword ideas to SEO audit for your website.

Feature of Ubersuggest

  • Backlinks: Enter your competitor domain name and analyze their backlinks to surpass them.
  • Keyword Ideas:  To find the Relative keyword for your website or competitor website then Ubersuggestwill be a great option for you.
  • SEO Audit: If you want to find the error of your website and want to fix them then just enter your website domain and it will show what the errors in your website are? Like, duplicate meta and title. Heading missing. broken links and many more.

Screaming Frog

Screaming frog is known for a technical SEO audit. It crawls your website and shows you all the aspects of your website like 404 errors, size of meta and title, Redirection, duplicates content, canonicalization and many more. Up to 500 pages it is free but if you want to analyze more page then you would have to go for the premium option.

I Think 500 pages will enough for a fresh website. So start to the audit of your website and get a better position on SERP.

Feature of screaming frog tool

  • Gives the insight error of your website
  • Download excel file to fix the error of your website
  • Analyze your client’s website error in minutes


Mondovo is also listed all in one SEO tool in which you can enhance your SEO strategy and social media marketing solution. Digital marketing experts are using it to increase their performance of a website as well as a social networking site.

What are the amazing features of Mondovo?

  • Rank Tracker: Just put your competitor domain name and your domain name then it will show you how your particular keyword is performing on SERP. You can track your specific keyword with your competitor
  • On-Demand Rank Checker: It is similar to rank tracker but it little different from the rank tracker. In which you Mondovo give you a keyword’ranking on the basis of every/week/month.
  • Website Audit: Audit of your website to increase visibility on search engine results.
  • On-page Analysis: Check your meta and title, keyword density, alt tags and many more.
  • Facebook and Twitter Competition: You must analyze your competitor, How he is performing on social networking sites.
Top 5 Best Free SEO Tool To Increase Your Traffic

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