Top 35 Advanced SEO Interview Questions And Answers

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If you are going to SEO executive interview then it is essential to prepare yourself by acquiring the knowledge of Advanced SEO Interview Questions And Answers. Because you don’t know what type of question the interviewer is going to ask. An interviewer can ask a question of every aspect of SEO (search engine optimization). So you have to accumulate every question of SEO to crack your interview successfully.

Approximately, We proffer you all  SEO questions which asked in an interview normally.

35+ Advanced SEO Interview Questions And Answers

  1. Difference between soft 404 and 404 error in webmaster

404 errors

404 happened when your server unable to find the resources which your user is inquiring or looking for and in a simple word if that pages which are clients are looking it might change the URL page or removed URL.

Soft 404 errors

Simply, in which server redirects to customize the page to stop viewing the 404 error for users. It is a technique to obstruct the user from a bad impression. Soft 404 is like a 404 error but it changes into customizing 404 pages. For example, if your websites have broken links then you can redirect to another page like the home page or other to create a good impression for your website as well as the user.

  1. How can you create High-quality backlinks?

There are many ways to make high-quality backlinks.

Guest blogging is one of the strategies to create the most trustworthy backlinks for your website.

Infographic: You can make an Infographic image and can take high-quality backlinks from the image submissions site.

  1. Which type of SEO tools do you use as per regular basis?

Here some specific websites that we use to enhance up SEO techniques.

Ahrefs: SEO Keyword Tool.

Google Search Console: Top SEO Tool.

SEMRush: Marketing SEO Tools.

KWFinder: SEO Keyword Tool.

Moz: SEO Software.

Ubersuggest: Keyword Tracking Tool.

Answer The Public: Free SEO Tools.

SpyFu: Free SEO Tools.

  1. What is a NAP?

NAP stands for Name/ Address/Phone Number

  1. How sitemap is useful for a website?

A sitemap is a list of our web pages on our website. Bots or spider cans easily crawl it. Basically it is used to enhance search engine visibility.

  1. Do you know what redirection is?

 We redirect visitors as well as a search engine from one URL to another URL. It happens when we change the URL or deleting the URL.

  1. Tell me the types of sitemap?

Basically there are two types of sitemap

HTML (hypertext markup language) and XML (Extensible Markup language)

  1. What is canonicalization and how to do it?

Canonicalization is telling to search engine that the URL is specific. We use a canonical tag to specify a particular URL to prevent the duplicate URL.

canonicalization in seo

  1. What is the specialty of Moz?

Moz presents us domain authority and page authority to a website on the basis of backlinks and website traffic.

  1. What is keyword stemming? Explain it?

We take keyword ideas from search engine results and then add suffix, prefix, and pluralization to make unique and new keyword. This is keyword stemming.

  1. What do you mean by Cloaking?

Cloaking is part of black hat SEO in which we present the content differently for user and search engine bots. On the basis of the IP address, we deliver content for the user.

  1. What is Google Sandbox?

Google sandbox is performed by google to stop giving instantly ranking on SERP by holding its rating. When Google finds that the website is worthy of ranking then bots allow it to rank on SERP.

  1. Give the name of some black hat SEO techniques

Link Farming

Hidden text, etc.

Gateway or Doorway pages


Keyword Stuffing

  1. Explain the LSI keyword?

It correlates your focus keyword when you insert an LSI keyword. LSI stands for latent semantic indexing, with the LSI keyword search engine easily recognize between the relations of a word. Basically, It used to enhance the ranking and increase visibility on the SERP.

  1. What is Google update and what was Google last update?

Google updates are just like mobile phones update to improving the user experience and give them an excellent feature.

Bert was the Google latest update.

  1. What is Google dance?

Google dance is a period of time when the google rebuild of website ranking in which ranking of website fluctuates. Maximum 4 to 5 days to recover it again.

  1. Tell something about keyword density?

The percentage of specific keyword or phrase appears in your whole content. In simple word, how many time your keyword comes in the total number of content?

  1. What is 301 redirection?

It is a permanent redirection in which we permanently shift to a new URL from the old to acquire link juice or maybe another purpose.

 301 redirection

  1. Name the different types of error.

Primarily, there are 5 types of error

404, 403, 302, 301, 200

  1. How to remove the toxic links from our website?

Disavow is an excellent option to remove bad links from your website.

  1. What you will do if SEO and their techniques do not work?

When I found my website is not indexing and not getting better ranking on SERP. Then my first I would be like to change my content, title, meta.

The second option will be to rewrite the accomplished content.

  1. How you will shift your content from the old domain to a new domain name or URL?

With the help of 301 redirections, we can shift our content from the old domain to a new domain.

  1. If you have a project to optimize websites that have millions of pages then how will you do it?

For a dynamic website, it is to optimize millions of pages of the website.

Generate title and meta dynamically.

XML Sitemap can also be generated by dynamically

  1. How can you check if someone making bad links for your website?

Ahref and Semrush are great tools to analyze that person who creating toxic links for your website.

  1. Explain how can you do an SEO audit for your website? is the most trustworthy tool to do an SEO audit for your website.

5 Question Left for Advanced SEO Interview Questions and Answers

  1. What are the important areas where you will insert your specific keyword?

In tittle, Meta, H1 Heading as well as H2 Heading.

  1. Which blog do you follow to enhance your SEO skills?

Search engine land and watch as well as workstream blog to enhance my SEO skills

  1. How will you do SEO for video?

First, Youtube keyword Research from

Second, Know your audience what they want

Third, put your target in your title and meta

Fourth, Insert tags

Fifth, Amazing thumbnail

  1. Describe the relation between SEO and SEM?

SEO is free of cost to promote your product and service on the search engine result while SEM is paid advertising.

  1. Can you elaborate on the Google keyword planner?

The keyword planner is a tool of Google to find the relevant keyword related to our product and services.

   33. What is an aspect of the panda update?

Mainly panda update is focused on the quality of content, proper speed of the website, use of an image in content and many more.

   34. Tell me some free SEO tools

Google Analytics
Search Console
Keyword Hero
Beam Us Up
Screaming Frog

   35. What is web Crawling

Web crawling is the process in which search engine bots crawl the website and stored it into the search engine database. It is done by the spider, crawler of search engines like google, bing, etc.

SEO Interview Questions and Answers 2020


 Final Verdict

Every question is matter whether it is a beginner level or experienced. It all depends on which types of information you acquired. Once you acquire the right knowledge then it will show on your face in the form of confident. So before going to an interview and learn all SEO Interview Questions And Answers not only theoretical, it must be practical.

Top 35 Advanced SEO Interview Questions And Answers

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